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Improving the patient experience is at the core of everything we do. The white papers below reveal the evolution of the healthcare industry and are interesting, educational and sometimes unexpected truths about the environment in which we work.


Driving Patient Satisfaction Through Creative Application of UV-C Technology

READWhile focus during the pandemic has been appropriately on Patient Safety, Patient Satisfaction is still a critical element in determining HCAHPS cleanliness scores.

Workforce Management

READHealthcare Workforce Management Automation

Creating a Safe Hospital Environment to Heal, Visit and Work

READ5 Pillars of Safety in Healthcare

Food and Nutrition Services

READHow investing in Logistics transforms the Patient Experience

Healthy Nurses

READFive areas your hospital should invest in to improve the health of your nurses.

Press Ganey Strategic Partnership

READThe influence of EVS, FANS outcomes on Patient Safety and Loyalty

READFood for Thought: Maximizing the Positive Impact Food Can Have on a Patient’s Stay

READDelivering on the Patient-Centered Promise

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