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Healthcare Food and Support Services Resources to Improve Patient Experience

Expertise in healthcare food and support services for healthcare leaders focused on improving patient experience


Working Smarter Every Day: How Compass One Healthcare Attracts, Recruits, and Retains Associates in Healthcare

An interview with Andy Maus, Compass One Healthcare, Senior Vice President, HR (read more)

Celebrating Pride Month 2024

During Pride Month in June, LGBTQ+ people and allies around the world come together to celebrate LGBTQ+ culture and recognize the long history of those who have advocated for equal rights for all. At Compass One Healthcare, our Diversity Inclusion Action Council (DIAC) Inclusion Ambassadors are embodying these same values every day, especially during Pride Month. (read more)

Morrison Healthcare And Cleveland Clinic: Leading In Sustainability And Population Health

Learn more about how Cleveland Clinic and Morrison Healthcare work together to advance population health in the communities and address the environmental impact of their operations. (read more)

Morrison Healthcare And Mayo Clinic: Building A Global Food And Nutrition Program

Learn more about how viable partnerships and a forward-thinking food strategy help drive healthier behaviors and accelerate change at our nation’s top-ranked hospital. (read more)

Driving Equity & Sustainability With A Healthy Food Philosophy

Health systems and foodservice operators play a role in helping patients and communities think differently about their experiences with food. Hear from our experts on how building an equitable and sustainable food philosophy can help strengthen local communities. (read more)

2023 Year in Review: How Compass One Healthcare and Healthy Nurse Healthy Nation Work Together to Support Our Nation’s Nurses

As the largest subset of health care workers, nurses are critical to America’s healthcare system. The Healthy Nurse, Healthy Nation™ (HNHN), is a program of the American Nurses Association Enterprise designed to improve the health of the Nation's 4.4M nurses - one nurse at a time. (read more)

How Compass One Healthcare Helps Provide Exceptional Care to Exceptional Patients

An Interview with Nancy E. Paridy, JD, LLM, President and Chief Administrative Officer of Shirley Ryan AbiltyLab. (read more)

A Twist on Tradition: MUSC Health Black River Medical Center’s First Socktober!

Every year, as the temperatures drop and the leaves start to change, Compass One Healthcare gears up for Socktober. Across the country, our teams prepare to get the word out, aiming to surpass their previous year’s total sock donations to a charity of their choice. (read more)

Aligned Technology for a Better Caregiver Experience

Interview with Aundrea Mills, Chief Nursing Officer – Compass One Healthcare and Saima Khan, SVP Information Technology- Healthcare Digital (read more)

Going Further with the Global Malnutrition Composite Score

Interview with Peggy O’Neil, VP Nutrition & Wellness – Morrison Healthcare and Maureen Janowski, Director, Malnutrition Program– Morrison Healthcare (read more)

Now Serving More Than 70 Hospitals, Compass’ National Performance Center Celebrates 10-Year Anniversary

Celebrating its 10-year anniversary this month, the National Performance Center (NPC) aids the following to support daily operations and patient flow while giving time back to in-unit managers. (read more)

Elevating Patient Food in Your Hospital

Interview with Kevin Dorr, SVP Culinary Strategy & Innovation – Compass One Healthcare and Jeffrey Quasha, Sr. Director of Culinary Innovation – Compass One Healthcare (read more)

Boosting Employee Retention in Healthcare Food & Support Services: 3 Strategies to Get it Right

Healthcare staffing has long been a challenge, as hospitals look to recruit and retain the top talent. COVID-19 exacerbated these conditions across clinical and non-clinical roles, leading to increased levels of burnout, turnover and staffing shortages. (read more)

Another Successful Socktober Campaign for Compass One Healthcare, Donating 158,000+ Pairs of Socks

Socktober is turning into a signature event for Compass One Healthcare to showcase our generosity and commitment to our communities each October. Being our second year participating as a company, we donated over 158,000 pairs of new socks, far surpassing last year’s total of over 140,000 pairs. (read more)

The Patient Journey: Safety Across All Touchpoints

Healthcare starts and stops with patient safety. It is the driving force behind everything we do. Yet, as an industry, we still have work to do. According to the World Health Organization, one in every 10 patients is harmed in hospital care. 50 percent of those instances are preventable. (read more)

Honoring Father's Day

You’ve heard the phrase, “Like father, like son,” or “Like father, like daughter.” It’s used lovingly to draw comparisons between (hopefully) your favorite aspects of your father or father figure that are reflected in you – could be your sense of humor or your tendency to get lost. At Compass One, the phrase takes on new meaning. This Father’s Day, we’re sharing the stories of three dads whose children, like them, have found themselves working in the “family business” at Compass One Healthcare. (read more)

Celebrating Nurses Week 2022

During the week of May 6th-12th, we recognize the essential role nurses play in our lives by celebrating National Nurses Week! At Compass One Healthcare, we are honored to work alongside amazing nurses each and every day. (read more)

Five Emerging Technologies in Healthcare Food and Support Services

Embracing emerging technology in healthcare can positively impact the healthcare experience for all involved, including staff members, patients, and the community. (read more)

Employee Appreciation Day

Compass One Healthcare is excited to celebrate Employee Appreciation Day on Friday, March 4th, 2022! (read more)

How CNOs and Support Services Can Unite in Preventing Nurse Burnout

Burnt-out nurses are leaving hospitals in high numbers, increasing the pressure on the remaining nurse population who may then experience burnout. However, chief nursing officers (CNOs) and support services can unite to break the cycle. (read more)

Celebrating Women’s History Month 2022

Compass One Healthcare is excited to celebrate March as Women's History Month, a time to celebrate women’s contributions to history, culture, and society. Each day, we are proud of the strong and dedicated women who help lead our business to success. In honor of the month, we have shared stories from a few of the incredible women that are a part of our Compass One Healthcare family. (read more)

How to Minimize ED Wait Times and Improve Patient Flow in Large Health Systems

Patient transporters are one effective tool for moving patients efficiently and safely from the ED to their assigned rooms. Take a closer look at this approach and others that can dramatically cut wait times in large health systems. (read more)

How to overcome recruitment challenges in healthcare

As the health industry focuses on delivering the high-quality care patients deserve, strategies for recruiting the best clinical and non-clinical employees are in the spotlight. (read more)

How to improve patient safety in medical facilities

It's critical more now than ever to maintain patient safety standards by creating a culture of safety and taking steps to improve hand hygiene and cleaning, facilities can dramatically reduce the risks to patients and provide the best healthcare experience. (read more)

How to Improve Employee Engagement in Healthcare Support Services

Improving employee engagement in healthcare support services can improve employee productivity and retention and patient health outcomes which enhances the overall healthcare experience. (read more)

5 tips to improve patient safety in hospitals

Hospitals must provide a safe environment so focusing on cleanliness, optimizing the discharge process, and making use of cutting-edge technology, will allow healthcare facilities to substantially improve patient safety. (read more)

Three Ways Support Services Can Help Reduce Nurse Burnout

Reducing nurse burnout and turnover requires a holistic approach that considers each part of the nurse journey and the teams they collaborate with, including support services. Take a closer look at nurse burnout and how support services can reduce it. (read more)

Compass One Healthcare “Socktober” Campaign Donates 138,383 Socks to Local Charities

We're proud to announce that Compass One Healthcare's “Socktober” campaign donated 138,383 socks to local charities and communities. (read more)

Diversity and Inclusion Best Practices in Healthcare

As is the case in many industries, healthcare organizations are looking for ways to improve diversity and inclusion in their workplaces. However, identifying diversity and inclusion best practices in healthcare can pose a challenge. (read more)

How to Reduce Healthcare Cost by Optimizing Patient Flow

Healthcare organizations focused on reducing healthcare costs should consider optimizing patient flow as part of their overall cost reduction strategy. (read more)

Recognition: The Secret Weapon to Improving Employee Retention in Healthcare

Celebrating associates offers a secret weapon for healthcare organizations that want to foster engagement while boosting employee morale. (read more)

How We Are Making Diversity & Inclusion Part of Our Company’s Culture

Diversity, equity, and inclusion are more than just a business imperative. It is part of our environment and culture. Our DIAC team works every day to promote inclusion by empowering everyone to create exceptional experiences for our patients, guests, and coworkers. Associates embracing these values are change agents that make us a unique company. (read more)

What's the Relationship Between Employee Engagement and Healthcare Quality?

Quality patient care is a top priority of every healthcare organization. Interactions between healthcare associates and patients play a significant role in patient satisfaction, and organizations are continually striving to improve healthcare quality through associate and patient interaction. (read more)

The Benefits of Outsourcing in Healthcare

The medical sector is one of the largest segments seeking business process outsourcing (BPO). Outsourcing key tasks frees time, focus, and funds for patient care, which is at the heart of all operations in the healthcare industry. (read more)

Five Ways to Improve Employee Retention in Healthcare

Employee retention in healthcare comes with challenges. Associates may face burnout and become disengaged. Strategically addressing these challenges is a must for leaders in healthcare organizations. Learn about five ways to start improving employee retention. (read more)

Creating an Outsourcing Plan for Healthcare Food and Support Services

Outsourcing allows your healthcare facility to invest more time and funds into its specialty areas while allowing other experts to handle functions in their area of expertise. Here are a few key steps that will help you develop a successful plan for outsourcing some of the tasks involved in operating your healthcare facility. (read more)

Cultivating Diversity in Healthcare Food and Support Services

Workplaces across all industries are placing a heightened focus on cultivating diversity in the workplace and healthcare is no exception. Diversity in healthcare plays a considerable role in the experiences of associates and patients alike. (read more)

Healthcare Outsourcing: Is It Time to Outsource Food and Support Services

Healthcare organizations and their leaders are challenged to deliver quality care while controlling their costs and reducing variability. It's a difficult but necessary balance, and many are looking to strategic partners and outsourcing to help remain competitive in an always-changing market. (read more)

How Technology is Reshaping Healthcare Food and Support Services

Host, Tommy Kane, speaks with the CEO of Compass Digital Labs, Jugveer Randhawa, to discuss the future of technology in the healthcare business. (read more)

Benefits of a Diverse Healthcare Workforce

From improved associate engagement to better patient satisfaction and outcomes, having a diverse healthcare workforce can provide a huge advantages. (read more)

How to Recruit and Retain Top Healthcare Food and Support Services Talent

Attracting the right talent is key to ensure your healthcare organization provides a positive experience and maintains a good reputation within the community. The most effective healthcare recruitment strategies focus on attracting the right talent for all roles, including non-clinical jobs in foodservice or other support service functions. (read more)

The 5 pillars of Safety in Healthcare

We sit down with Rich Fezcko, National Director of Standards and Innovation at Compass One Healthcare to talk about the importance of the 5 Pillars of Safety in Healthcare®. (read more)

Recruitment Strategies for Healthcare Systems in Food and Support Services

Smart recruitment strategies for healthcare organizations are the building blocks of cultivating an engaged workforce that stays. As your healthcare organization focuses on filling clinical roles, be sure to also invest in a recruitment strategy for your food and support service teams. Here are a few things to help your team get started. (read more)

Ten Low or No Cost Ways to Improve Patient Satisfaction

Each touchpoint of a patient's journey contributes to a patient's overall satisfaction, from online encounters to clinical worker interactions. Consider these 10 low cost ways to improve patient satisfaction at your organization. (read more)

Bundle These Contracts to Reduce Hospital Costs

Hospitals can control costs and achieve better financial predictability in part by bundling contracts for certain support service functions. Learn which ones you should bundle first. (read more)

Three Tips to Reduce the Cost of Healthcare Without Compromising Patients' Health and Safety

The balance between cost and patient care is fragile. Hospitals must strategically examine ways to bring reduce costs, otherwise, they run the risk of compromising care and ultimately increasing spending. The following three tips can help your organization get started. (read more)

How to Improve Cost Management in Healthcare

Why cost management in healthcare is important and how to improve it at your healthcare organization. Learn four strategies to reduce costs. (read more)

Celebrating Black History Month with the American Nurses Association President Dr. Ernest Grant

On this transcribed episode of Compass One Connections, we sit down with the President of the American Nurses Association, Dr. Ernest Grant! We discuss Dr. Grant's history and how he came to be the first Black male leading the ANA, how COVID-19 has and continues to showcase the resilience of Nurses, and so much more. (read more)

Three Key Areas to Help Improve the Children's Healthcare Experience

Improve the children’s healthcare experience for kids and their families by addressing these three areas: time, empathy and communication. (read more)

How Support Services Impacts a Child’s Hospital Experience

Children’s hospitals are different than acute care and require a customized support services approach. Foodservice, environmental services and patient transportation can improve the children’s healthcare experience for kids and their families. (read more)

How to Improve Patient Experience in the Emergency Department

Discover the importance of a patient's experience in the emergency department as well as the steps you can take and the services you can offer to improve it. (read more)

Patient Satisfaction Improvement Strategies for Health Systems

Patient satisfaction improvement strategies for hospitals and healthcare systems focused on boosting patient experience within their organization. (read more)

Helping Nurses Own the Moment

Nurses are one of the most valuable resources in healthcare facilities for building patient trust. Use these tips to help nurses own the moment and create positive patient experiences. (read more)

Five Things You Need to Know About a Support Services Transition

Learn the five things you need to know about a support services transition in the healthcare industry. Use this article as a guide to help create successful transitions in your own healthcare organization. (read more)

Compass One Leaders Host Virtual New York Event to Fight Heart Disease and Stroke

Compass One Leaders, Howard Weinstein and Chris Hariegel hosted the American Heart Association's annual "Heart & Stroke Ball" virtually this year. (read more)

Feeling Stress During the COVID-19 Crisis? Here Are Ways to Cope

As we continue to take measures to fend off the coronavirus, it’s easy to experience high levels of stress. The change in our daily routines is causing us to alter our lifestyles, and these changes can take their toll. Learn ways to cope. (read more)

Raising the Safety Standards in Ambulatory Surgery Centers

Ambulatory surgery centers (ASC) are becoming more popular. Here are ways to raise the safety standards at ambulatory surgery centers as ASCs continue to be a model for the future. (read more)

Five Strategies To Improve Patient Experience At Surgical Centers

In a culture characterized by options and hyper-personalization, ambulatory surgical centers are focused on creating excellent patient experiences. Here are five ways you can improve patient experience at your surgical center. (read more)

Improving Quality and Care with the National Performance Center

Compass One Healthcare's National Performance Center leverages data to improve care quality and speed, saving costs and boosting satisfaction. (read more)

Cost Reduction Strategies for Health Systems

Hospitals and healthcare systems are focused on managing their costs. More than just cutting, healthcare leaders are trying to find financial predictability in an industry that is anything but predictable. Here are four cost reduction strategies for healthcare executives to minimize cost without sacrificing patient satisfaction. (read more)

Making more hospital stays less risky.

A visit to the hospital can be scary. Approximately 75,000 people die each year from an infection they acquired in the hospital… (read more)

Morrison’s crEATe kitchen targets chronic conditions.

A food and nutrition service plays an active part in patient wellness. (read more)

Cooperation, collaboration, communication.

St. Luke’s Hospital in Kansas City has proven that people can create real synergy when they join forces to improve the Patient experience. (read more)

How does your child’s school lunch measure up?

Do you make the grade when you pack your child’s lunch? (read more)

Meeting the challenge to reduce persistent pathogens.

As Pathogens become more and more resistant to standard cleaning methods, reducing HAIs is a challenge… (read more)

We’re cooking up a new meaning for "hospital food"

It’s a new era. The once-dreaded term “hospital food” now means high quality and lots of choices. (read more)

Crothall & Morrison serve US News & World Report’s best hospitals.

Combined, Crothall and Morrison serve 10 of the top 20 Acute Care Hospitals and 7 of the 10 Top Children’s hospitals. (read more)

Patients Know Clean When They See It

Patients’ perception of cleanliness affects the hospital’s brand and reputation. (read more)

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