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Compass One constantly searches for ways to improve The Experience. We explore concepts to improve perceptions for a better emotional experience. We explore innovations to improve safety for all in your hospital. The Experience is about everyone who touches a Patient – Families/Guests, Clinical Staff, your Community and our own Associates. Each and every one should feel safe and have pleasant experiences to ensure that the Patient has the best experience possible.

These documents demonstrate our thinking and our successes as Compass One Healthcare.

5 Pillars of Safety in Healthcare

Compass One Healthcare treats safety in healthcare as a holistic process resting on a foundation of 5 key pillars.

White Papers

Read White Papers that demonstrate proof-of-concept across multiple facilities and multiple situations.


Reports across a variety of topics to help healthcare organizations improve the experience.

Case Studies

Read Case Studies that demonstrate the synergy of combining multiple Compass One services as well as unique successes in Crothall and Morrison Healthcare.


Read recent events and breaking news about Compass One and all eight services offered by Crothall and morrison Healthcare.


Read stories that can further your understanding of how to create a better experience for Patients, Families, Clinical Staff, the community and our own Compass one Associates.

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