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How Support Services Impacts a Child’s Hospital Experience

Children’s hospitals are different than acute care and require a customized support services approach. Foodservice, environmental services and patient transportation can improve the children’s healthcare experience for kids and their families. (read more)

How to Improve Patient Experience in the Emergency Department

Discover the importance of a patient's experience in the emergency department as well as the steps you can take and the services you can offer to improve it. (read more)

Patient Satisfaction Improvement Strategies for Health Systems

Patient satisfaction improvement strategies for hospitals and healthcare systems focused on boosting patient experience within their organization. (read more)

Helping Nurses Own the Moment

Nurses are one of the most valuable resources in healthcare facilities for building patient trust. Use these tips to help nurses own the moment and create positive patient experiences. (read more)

Five Things You Need to Know About a Support Services Transition

Learn the five things you need to know about a support services transition in the healthcare industry. Use this article as a guide to help create successful transitions in your own healthcare organization. (read more)

Compass One Leaders Host Virtual New York Event to Fight Heart Disease and Stroke

Compass One Leaders, Howard Weinstein and Chris Hariegel hosted the American Heart Association's annual "Heart & Stroke Ball" virtually this year. (read more)

Feeling Stress During the COVID-19 Crisis? Here Are Ways to Cope

As we continue to take measures to fend off the coronavirus, it’s easy to experience high levels of stress. The change in our daily routines is causing us to alter our lifestyles, and these changes can take their toll. Learn ways to cope. (read more)

Raising the Safety Standards in Ambulatory Surgery Centers

Ambulatory surgery centers (ASC) are becoming more popular. Here are ways to raise the safety standards at ambulatory surgery centers as ASCs continue to be a model for the future. (read more)

Five Strategies To Improve Patient Experience At Surgical Centers

In a culture characterized by options and hyper-personalization, ambulatory surgical centers are focused on creating excellent patient experiences. Here are five ways you can improve patient experience at your surgical center. (read more)

Improving Quality and Care with the National Performance Center

Compass One Healthcare's National Performance Center leverages data to improve care quality and speed, saving costs and boosting satisfaction. (read more)

Cost Reduction Strategies for Health Systems

Hospitals and healthcare systems are focused on managing their costs. More than just cutting, healthcare leaders are trying to find financial predictability in an industry that is anything but predictable. Here are four cost reduction strategies for healthcare executives to minimize cost without sacrificing patient satisfaction. (read more)

Making more hospital stays less risky.

A visit to the hospital can be scary. Approximately 75,000 people die each year from an infection they acquired in the hospital… (read more)

Morrison’s crEATe kitchen targets chronic conditions.

A food and nutrition service plays an active part in patient wellness. (read more)

Cooperation, collaboration, communication.

St. Luke’s Hospital in Kansas City has proven that people can create real synergy when they join forces to improve the Patient experience. (read more)

How does your child’s school lunch measure up?

Do you make the grade when you pack your child’s lunch? (read more)

Meeting the challenge to reduce persistent pathogens.

As Pathogens become more and more resistant to standard cleaning methods, reducing HAIs is a challenge… (read more)

We’re cooking up a new meaning for "hospital food"

It’s a new era. The once-dreaded term “hospital food” now means high quality and lots of choices. (read more)

Crothall & Morrison serve US News & World Report’s best hospitals.

Combined, Crothall and Morrison serve 10 of the top 20 Acute Care Hospitals and 7 of the 10 Top Children’s hospitals. (read more)

Patients Know Clean When They See It

Patients’ perception of cleanliness affects the hospital’s brand and reputation. (read more)

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