Every year, as the temperatures drop and the leaves start to change, Compass One Healthcare gears up for Socktober. Across the country, our teams prepare to get the word outaiming to surpass their previous year’s total sock donations to a charity of their choice.  

One of the most exciting parts of a new hospital opening is the chance to experience these fundamental events, such as Socktober, together for the very first time, seeing what the team can accomplish. At MUSC Health Black River Medical Center in South Carolina, a brand new C1H team rose to the occasion! 

Spreading the word with Funky Sock Fridays! 

Having been there since the hospital’s opening at the beginning of January, assistant director Olivia Eaddy was eager to get involved with C1H company traditions. Olivia knew that this was a chance for the team to come together for a common cause, having some fun in the process. She spearheaded an exciting campaign, promoted mainly though email and word of mouth. News of the campaign spread quickly throughout the hospital, and it wasn’t long before everyone was on board.  

Olivia wanted the team to embrace Socktober as an exciting, memorable event for the hospital, so she took it a step further by instating “Funky Sock Fridays.Every Friday of October, the team was encouraged to come to work wearing their silliest, most over-the-top socks! The idea was to spread Socktober awareness in a fun, unique way.  

Funky Sock Fridays were an instant hit with the team, bringing a little extra bit of joy into their day-to-day operations, and reminding everyone to continue donating. 

Supporting the Cause 

Socktober isn’t just about having fun—the event is held to give back to our communities and provide a small bit of comfort to those who may be struggling, especially with the approaching holiday season 

Olivia and the team decided early on that the donations would go to the Felician Center, a local shelter well-known for providing resources for children and adults without homes. This generated further excitement for the campaign, reassuring the team that their donations would be going to a worthy cause, one they all knew and cared about.  

Spurred on by the excitement and the personal importance of their campaign, the team at MUSC Black River enthusiastically provided donations throughout the entire month of October. By the end of their first ever Socktober, they collected 300 pairs of socks!  


A Moving Surprise 

While the team knew that Socktober was generating excitement and donations all around, they hadn’t realized just how much of an impact this had until hearing the totals. It was a moment of joy and celebration, filling Olivia with appreciation and awe for her wonderful team. 

Perhaps more emotional than the hospital’s celebration, however, was the moment they brought the donations to the Felician Center. The staff that accepted the donation were shocked and grateful, and their reaction granted the team the pride, satisfaction, and humility that came from knowing they had made a real difference in their community. This was only amplified when the team discovered they had been featured in a local news publication for their outstanding contribution.  

Getting Ready for Next Year! 

As Olivia said, it was a “pleasant surprise” that the team supported Socktober so enthusiastically. She’s already planning next year’s campaign and hopes to be even more successful in their collection. One things for sure though: at MUSC Black River, Socktober—and Funky Sock Fridays—are here to stay! 

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