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Reinvesting the Benefits of Workforce Automation

A Crothall Healthcare & Virtual Manager White Paper

What would you do with a 14.6% savings on Environmental Services Staffing costs?

Virtual Manager’s HealthClean platform is a mobile software application developed for Healthcare Environmental Service (EVS) departments. HealthClean offers operational efficiencies, documented compliance and streamlined workflow processes for a dispersed workforce. Management has complete visibility of the workforce in real-time, providing productivity metrics, validation of tasks, and robust data to make smart decisions immediately.

Frontline Associates armed with iPad’s drive EVS productivity. Frontline associates perform duties and report to Supervisors in real-time. It allows each associate to communicate immediate problems that need resolution and help if needed. Empowered and connected, the experience for each associate changes from a sense of “alone” to a feeling of Team.

Crothall EVS Supervisors can manage entire Teams from any point on the floor. They can remotely manage daily employee schedules in real-time and push high priority tasks to staff and have them report issues back to the supervisor.

The Experience improves for all stakeholders. Client requests can be assigned in real-time to the appropriate Associate, and they can contact Supervisors immediately if a situation arises or a task needs to be completed. Schedules can be adjusted in real-time when needed to keep workloads balanced – a more even distribution of labor.

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