Who We Are

A Passion for The Experience

It starts and ends with the Patient - of course. But everyone in your hospital has an experience and their experiences impact the Patient. Every experience matters - Families/Guests, Clinical Staff, your Community and our own Compass One Associates. Their experiences make the difference in the Patient experience.

The Experience is more than an engaging smile and calming voice – it’s about safety. A hospital’s caring, engaged environment is over shadowed by a breakdown in safety. An HAI incident impacts the Hospital’s reputation in a world fueled by social media. And, Clinical Staff and our own Associates need to know their workplace is safe.

Compass One Healthcare creates an engaged experience that is safe. Our unique Positive Impressions™ program creates a caring, friendly experience at every touchpoint with Compass One associates for Patients, Families, the Community and Clinical staff. We are passionate about a safer Patient environment and a safer workplace for everyone inside the hospital.

Compass One is the union of two premier healthcare support service specialists – Morrison food and nutrition services and Crothall support services. Each of the 9 services offered by Compass One is a unique, specialized solution applying protocols learned in more than 2,345 locations through a combined 90 years of healthcare-only experience. (read more)

Crothall is the premier healthcare support services provider nationwide. Crothall Healthcare was founded in 1991 and today we serve over 1,445 healthcare Clients in 46 states through our 9 services. We are very proud of our stunning 98% retention rate. (read more)

Morrison is the leading national food and nutrition services company serving more than 900 hospitals today. For more than 65 years, we’ve specialized in healthcare alone. We serve 217 million meals a year in 43 states with an impressive 94% retention rate. (read more)

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