White Papers


Press Ganey Strategic Partnership 

As part of our commitment to improve The Experience in healthcare we entered into a strategic partnership with Press Ganey Associates. Our mission is to explore ways to increase patient-centricity in collaboration with client hospitals and health systems.

Our first deep quantitative analysis has identified Best Practices in Food and Environmental Services. These White papers are intended to share what we have learned so others may improve The Experience and reduce suffering.

With the exception of the birth of a child, a hospital stay is an event individuals would seldom choose to experience. The underlying reason for admission – illness, infirmity or injury – is in and of itself distressing.

But among the painful procedures, needle sticks and overall sense of being out-of-control, patients report one experience that can be a bright spot in their hospital stay – food.

In recent focus groups and using quantitative analyses to confirm hypothesis five important facets of food service and the specific strategies health care providers should pursue to improve a patient’s experiences have been determined.

New research indicates that patients’ perception of hospital cleanliness is a lever for multiple quality and experience outcomes, making it an important improvement target. Specifically, the data show that patients’ perception of hospital cleanliness is highly correlated with the risk of hospital-acquired infections (HAIs).

In other words, patients know clean when they see it, and it’s important to them.

Environmental services (EVS) staff members play a key role in helping the health care team fulfill these expectations by reliably maintaining a safe, clean care environment, projecting friendliness and caring in routine interactions with patients and families; and communicating and collaborating with the health care team to ensure that patients’ needs are being met.