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New Press Ganey / Compass One Healthcare White Paper Published

Compass One Healthcare announced today in a press release that its latest white paper in partnership with Press Ganey has been published. “The Influence of EVS, FANS Outcomes on Patient Safety and Loyalty” shows the direct impact our environmental and food service workers have on patients’ perceptions of safe, high-quality, patient-centered care, and that caregiver teamwork is the strongest predictor of patient loyalty. The full report can be found by clicking here

Press Release:

Contact: Tom Hughes, 404-236-7934,

New Compass One Healthcare-Press Ganey Research Shows Impact of Environmental,

Food & Nutrition Services on Patient Safety and Loyalty


ATLANTA, GA (October 15, 2020) – New research conducted by Compass One Healthcare and Press Ganey provides evidence that patients’ perceptions of safe, high-quality, patient-centered care are influenced by every touch point across the care experience, including patient interactions and experiences with members of the Environmental Services (EVS) and Food and Nutrition Services (FANS) teams. 

In the recently released white paper, “The Influence of EVS, FANS Outcomes on Patient Safety and Loyalty,” research determined that caregiver teamwork is the strongest predictor of patient loyalty. It found that when room cleanliness and the quality and service of meals do not meet patients’ expectations, their perceptions of the care experience are affected, including how well the team worked together to care for them. 

“Teamwork is so important to a patient’s perception of care,” said Dusty Deringer, Vice President of Patient Experience for Compass One Healthcare. “When they are asked about how well the team worked together to care for them, patients don’t think only about what the clinical team did for them. They include the processes, standards, and behaviors of people on non-clinical teams as well.”

Some of the report’s key findings include the following: 

Loyalty is Highest Among Patients with Clean Rooms and High-Quality Food Service. More than 95 percent of patients are likely to recommend a hospital when they give high ratings to their food service and room cleanliness. When neither one receives a top rating, it drops to 76 percent. 

Combining Teamwork with Cleanliness Makes a Difference. Nearly 93 percent of patients were likely to recommend a hospital if they ranked both teamwork and room cleanliness high. But when cleanliness dropped and teamwork remained a top rating, only 78 percent gave their recommendation.

Clean Rooms Have an Impact on Patient Safety. Data show that patient perception of room cleanliness is associated with a key safety outcome: the incidence of catheter-associated urinary tract infections (CAUTI). When patients gave top ratings to both room cleanliness and working relationships with Registered Nurses (RNs), 86 percent of units studied had no CAUTIs and the average number of CAUTIs was .15 per 1,000 catheter days. 

When room cleanliness did not get a top rating and RN relationships did, the study found that only 48 percent of units had zero CAUTIs and the average number of CAUTIs per catheter day jumped to 1.06.

The study recommends that hospitals take a number of steps to engage their EVS and food services staffs to help improve patient experience. Their recommendations include:

The report concludes that the clear association between patients’ perceptions of room cleanliness and CAUTI rates is closely tied to a room’s actual cleanliness. 

“Patients know ‘clean’ when they see it,” said Derringer. “Making consistent assessment and improvement of cleaning methods and procedures an operational priority ensures a strong defense against the spread of infection. Organizations should also take EVS procedures a step further by recognizing the important role EVS staff members play in patient and clinical quality improvement efforts.” 

“Knowing that the care experience encompasses everyone who comes into contact with patients, hospital leadership should foster a work environment in which nonclinical support staff understand, and feel, their value as caregivers,” said Charles Hagood, President, Strategic Consulting, Press Ganey.                                                                                               

To read the full report, click here. 

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