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Emerging Best Practices in Response to Evolving Patient Perceptions of Clean

The COVID-19 pandemic created a dramatic shift in how patients perceive hospital cleanliness.

According to new patient experience data from Press Ganey and HCAHPS, whether your patients “feel” clean increasingly correlates with how they rate their overall hospital experience. Plus, consumer expectations for hygiene have increased. Clean was a baseline patient expectation in the past; now, it’s a core value patients demand proof their hospital shares.

Download the Press Ganey and Compass One Healthcare's latest eBook to learn about:

  • The emergence of 'high profile clean'
  • The new drivers in patient perceptions of 'clean'
  • Compass One's cleanliness campaign that increased HCAHPS scores by a combined 23 points
  • Creating memorable cleaning events with the latest UV-C technology
  • What your hospital or health system should consider to remain best-in-class in cleanliness

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