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Yale-New Haven Hospital

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Yale-New Haven Hospital

Yale-New Haven Hospital is a not-forprofit, 1,541-bed, tertiary medical center receiving national and international referrals. Located in the urban setting of New Haven, Conn., the 75-year-old organization provides comprehensive, multidisciplinary, family-focused care in more than 100 medical specialty areas as well as specialty hospital care to oncology, psychiatry and pediatric patients.

As the primary teaching hospital for Yale School of Medicine, Yale-New Haven relies on the skill and expertise of more than 4,500 university and community physicians and advanced practitioners, 600 resident physicians and more than 12,000 employees. This flagship member of Yale New Haven Health System annually has more than 80,000 discharges and more than 1,085,000 outpatient encounters.

Patients and family members consider everything from renowned physicians and compassionate nursing care to clean floors and good food when rating their overall quality of and satisfaction with a hospital experience. The leadership at Yale-New Haven chose to move away from a management group in place for 30 years and a hotel-style, patient food service process to relying on Morrison to manage the change to the hotel-style food service process called Dining on Call. Improvements in patient satisfaction scores were expected over time. The overhaul included a new union contract that six months later was complete in May 2014.


At the end of October 2013, patient satisfaction was in the 11th percentile. As of December 2014, patient satisfaction at Yale New Haven ranked in the 21st percentile - a 90% increase in percentile ranking over a 14 month period.

While the most recent Press Ganey results by discharge date have shown slight movements, satisfaction scores have remained steady throughout the change and labor challenges.

  • October 2014: 79.1 in adult patient areas and 82.8 in pediatric care areas.
  • November 2014: 78.5 in adult care areas and 81.6 in pediatric units.

Some front line staff members are still adjusting to management styles and resisting progressive expectations. But, overall, associates appreciate the dedication of the managers and are glad to see consistent, positive changes in the work environment. We are dedicated to reaching our goal of obtaining and maintaining set target scores: 80 in adult care areas and 82 in pediatric care areas.

How success was achieved

The Yale-New Haven Hospital project champion has been extremely supportive, ensuring a managing-up attitude and introducing the new team and purpose to all key players, particularly nursing. While greater success is yet to come, the following steps were taken over the last 14 months to maintain scores during time of great change and start turning the corner.

  • Prior to its arrival at Yale-New Haven Hospital, Morrison managed training of call center associates on the Horizon software. Group sessions also were scheduled with every employee in the department and nurse meetings were attended to explain the new direction and vision as well as buy-in of what it would take to get there.
  • While the number of vacant positions have been reduced to 9 from the existing 32, staffing continues to be a challenge due to turnover, worker’s compensation and FMLA leaves.
  • Recruiting experienced, high performing managers has been critical to achieving goals at this large, prestigious hospital.
  • Rewards and recognition programs have been instrumental to team building. The following tactics have been implemented.
    • - A hospital branded $2 bill that can be used in hospital cafés and gift shops was created for associates who are spotted going above and beyond. Meal cards also are used for this purpose.
    • - Successes are celebrated during Food Service Week with gifts & parties for all shifts.
    • - Hospital Monthly Birthday celebrations.
    • - Holiday Tea & Employee Picnic.
  • Accountability was enhanced with daily reports going to both the client and Morrison Regional Director of Oprations providing the number of patient visits completed and other metrics specific to each area. Also weekly conference calls with the onsite management team, regional director and customer experience team were implemented.
  • Daily conference calls were implemented to address questions and challenges around the Horizon software used by the call center for Dining on Call.
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