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The Mount Sinai Medical Center

Morrison Healthcare is uniquely geared to foster bold ideas and innovation in the food service management industry. Our culture fosters the ability of our associates to provide solutions that address your needs with speed, substance and a success rate that no one else in the industry can rival.

The Mount Sinai Medical Center

Morrison Healthcare and The Mount Sinai Medical Center formed a 10 year strategic partnership in June 2013 for Patient, Retail and Catering Services.

Press Ganey mean scores went from 74.2 to 78.1 in just the first year. As of March 2015 the score has climbed to 80.6.

During this first year of operations, this mean score increased by 3.90 points, a significant improvement. From the start of contract to March 2015, there has been a 6.4 point growth. Several factors have contributed to this success:

  • Extensive training of associates on Morrison Healthcare Patient 21 Standards and Personal Touch - Catering To YouTM Room Service Program Standards
  • Patient Experience Managers focusing on individual patient needs
  • Utilization of Patient 21 Standards review and Personal Touch - Catering To YouTM Room Service shadow reports to address opportunities
  • Managers and Catering Associates attendance at unit staff huddles
  • Daily patient rounding by all Morrison Healthcare Managers
  • Weekly food service team meetings
  • Test trays conducted on patient units with the nursing staff

In addition to raising Press Ganey scores, Morrison has created a positive work environment to acknowledge and celebrate associate dedication and achievement.

This significant change did not come without challenges. Through close collaboration with the client, we were able to identify and implement successful solutions.

The Morrison Healthcare team at The Mount Sinai Medical Center attributes its success to:

  • Morrison Healthcare corporate support during the initial opening of the account
  • Continued support from regional and other local experts in the areas of culinary and patient services.
  • Utilization of e-learning modules for training
  • Patient Experience Managers focusing on patient needs

As a partner with The Mount Sinai Medical Center, we understand that client expectations will continue to increase. We recognize the vision of the Mount Sinai brand, and we are eager to be a part of this vision of excellence.

The Mount Sinai Medical Center

New York, NY

  • Licensed Beds: 1,171
  • No. of Food Service Employees: 180 FTEs
  • Hourly Associates are 1199 Union
  • No. of Morrison Managers: 20
  • Service Lines Present:
    • – Patient
    • – Retail
    • – Catering
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