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How Morrison Healthcare uses the power of analytics to customize the retail environment

A customized approach begins with understanding your associates. Our analytics division brings together experienced professionals from a variety of backgrounds and skill sets to help you make better business decisions at all levels of the organization. We believe analytics is the new normal, and data the currency of the new millennium. While many organizations silo analytics as simply “IT,” “Reporting” or “Dashboards,” we’re here to help you think differently. Analytics is about promoting to the right people about the right products at the right price – all showcased in the right setting. Helping you understand the value of this holistic view on analytics gives you a huge edge over your competitors in driving the ultimate metric: associate engagement.

What This Means To You

We are able to get a complete understanding of the habits and trends of specific communities through social listening and data mining. Not only are we able to study the communities, we are able to understand patient demographics. Using our internal analytics team, E15, we are able to dive deep into who your guests are and what they want.

Our team is structured to own the full life cycle of information. We manage all stages of your data, from creation to action, and encompass services from strategic pricing, revenue optimization, employee insights and predictive modeling.

We analyze the ZIP codes where your employees live. Market research is about knowing your employees and guests inside and outside of the workplace. To understand their behaviors and preferences, our analytics division synthesizes demographic and socioeconomic data to create robust profiles that deliver a comprehensive view of your employees.

Market research ensures we are offering the right products at the right price to the right people. Part of that market research approach is examining the profiles, ZIP code by ZIP code, that surround your campus.

We also review menus from regional and local restaurants to determine which cuisines are the most prevalent in the geographic area and will likely resonate in your retail cafe. Using this information we are able to offer micro concepts that give your associates the food they are wanting or seeking elsewhere.

Transforming the Retail Environment

The demanding pace of today’s hospitals makes the on-site dining experience more important and valuable than ever.

The cafè should offer a respite that caregivers and guests deserve and need. Our mission is to transform the dining experience to offer a place to not only refuel the body, but also a haven that offers a brief escape from the high-stress environment.

Our goal is to provide a great guest experience through retail excellence. Morrison uses proven retail strategies to boost caregiver satisfaction, which include inviting and relaxing environments, outstanding menus, ontrend station graphics and decor, and year-round marketing support. We will make the cafè an everyday destination for your caregivers, patients and families. We start by knowing your client’s associates inside and outside the workplace.

We believe in relying upon data, not hunches. And perhaps nowhere is this more important than in serving a menu that resonates with your caregivers. The insights we generate go beyond what’s selling inside your hospital and get at what’s going on in the markets where you do business. What cuisines are most prevalent? What offerings are unique? What’s the up and coming dish that your staff will be excited for? We help answer these questions and more through our unique partnership mix that provides insights that point of sale alone simply cannot.

Using Data to Create Destinations

Using E15 analytics, we found that southern and barbecue food are over-indexed in the Houston area where this hospital is located. We were also able to learn that pork and chicken were extremely popular within the area. With this knowledge our team implemented the micro concept, Liberty Street BBQ. Liberty Street BBQ is a pop concept that includes a set menu, branded uniforms, marketing, and packaging. Guests were excited to walk into their hospital cafe and feel as though they were taken away to a barbecue restaurant. In one day, they were able to increase sales at the station by 42% which resulted in $2,844.77 in sales versus the previous $1,661.06. This is a 15.4% inrease in sales year over year. This Houston based hospital continued to see an increase in their sales compared to when they offered pizza at the same station throughout the month of July.

They have continued to use data and analytics to determine the next micro concepts to run so they are able to continue driving excitement in their café as well as sales.

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