Healthcare Workforce Management Automation

Workforce Management (WFM) is a priority for hospitals and healthcare networks to reduce costs and/or re-assign staff to other functions
. Automating workforce management has proven to drive efficiencies as well as improve patient satisfaction.

The potential benefits of using a WFM system in Healthcare include improved employee productivity, better labor planning, lower operational cost, efficient time and attendance tracking and a better experience for Patients and Clinical Staff.

Benefits of WFM Automation in Healthcare

WFM automation is an obvious choice for Hospital administrators looking to save staffing costs, re-invest those savings and improve operations. As healthcare costs climb, hospitals and other healthcare providers are looking for new ways to make quality clinical services more efficient.

Switching from paper forms to electronic spreadsheets did little to improve efficiency. Earlier improvements often addressed single aspects of managing the workforce, such as payroll or task assignment. Now, it is possible to streamline all aspects of workforce management automation in a single application.

Labor productivity improves as down time between and after tasks drops with automated monitoring. Data and metrics on staff is available immediately by individual or team with the right application. This information can also help hospitals adjust staffing levels, other resources and save on costs immediately.

Compass One Healthcare Workforce Automation

Compass One has assembled a series of WFM automation documents for Healthcare. Compass One will offer White Papers and Case Studies to help Healthcare Administrators realize the benefits of Workforce Automation in their hospitals. Both Crothall and Morrison Healthcare will provide unique, innovative applications to manage a diverse workforce.

Crothall Healthcare offers the first in this series with a White Paper on Virtual Manager’s HealthClean platform. The White Paper documents benefits realized from introducing HealthClean in three geographically and demographically diverse hospitals. While each hospital chose to apply the savings from 14.6% reduction in Full Time Equivalent employees (FTE) differently, reductions were realized in each location.

Crothall/Virtual Manager HealthClean Software

Virtual Manager’s HealthClean platform is a mobile software application developed for Healthcare Environmental Service (EVS) departments. HealthClean offers operational efficiencies, documented compliance and streamlined workflow processes for a dispersed workforce. Management has complete visibility of the workforce in real-time, providing productivity metrics, validation of tasks, and robust data to make smart decisions immediately.

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