Compass One is the union of two premier healthcare support service specialists – Morrison food and nutrition services and Crothall support services. Each of the 8 services offered by Compass One is a unique, specialized solution applying protocols learned in more than 2,138 locations through a combined 90 years of healthcare-only experience.

We are true healthcare specialists. We offer technically specialized services that are never blended operationally. We find that this service model creates subject matter experts at all levels – every Compass One employee can reach out to peers or the leadership team for ideas and solutions to our Clients' problems. Generalists are just that - we find it does not deliver the highest level of service, productivity and creativity.

Compass One has one Voice. A random assortment of services by different vendors is confusing and difficult to manage. Hiring standards vary. Processes vary. Training varies. Accountability varies. Our solution removes those frustrations - we share these passions: